Our Mission

To pass along cycling training and instruction techniques that are relevant, realistic, recent, timely, and level appropriate.


To be the common standard for cycling accreditation in British Columbia

To be recognized as the standard for excellence for cycling instruction in British Columbia.

To train a network of qualified instructors that are the standard-bearers for not just AllPointsCycling, but for cycling as a sport and profession.


Service — Provide quality instruction to improve cycling skills universally.

Professionalism — Respect people and the capacity and potential

Collaboration — Form partnerships to extend cycling adoption and safety.

Our Head Instructor

Chuck GLOVER, after 40 years, 2 months, and three weeks is now retired from Policing. 28 1/2 years of uniform service with the RCMP in Saskatchewan & British Columbia, then 11 1/2 years with Metro Vancouver Transit Police across the Metro Vancouver Region. I rode mountain bikes as a duty function and for special functions for both organizations. With the RCMP I rode in both Saskatchewan and BC. My cycling qualifications are indeed varied, former weekend warrior/racer of sprint distance triathlons. I commuted across the Greater Vancouver area, the longest distance was 25 kilometers one way from work location to home in Maple Ridge BC., (1996-2005). As part of the CAN-BIKE organization, a portion of Cycling CANADA (we’re the ones that don’t race), I am at the NATIONAL Examiner level, one of 6 in CANADA(2018). I teach CAN-BIKE cycling courses, and to date 140 in total. I am also a League of American Bicycling Instructor and have taught 11 TS101 courses here in CANADA. I’m a qualified Police Mountain Bike cycling Instructor with the RCMP and Transit Police, to teach Police officers. I’m a qualified Learning facilitator with the National Coaching Certification Program in the Let’s Ride, Community Cycling Basics, Ready to Race- Intro to Competition. Along with being a trainee Level one racing coach. I’m also a qualified rider with the International Police Mountain Bike Association and the Law Enforcement Bicycling Association. I’m also a qualified rider with the Cycling Savvy cycling organization.

Master Cycling Instructor Chuck Glover

On top of all that, with my extensive and varied Policing, including traffic, background along with my extensive cycling background I am now an accepted cycling expert at the Supreme Court of British Columbia and Queen’s Bench Court of Alberta.

I own two bikes, a Jamis Durango Sport off-road bike, and a Nishiki Olympic Tri A road bike. I wear a BELL (MIPS) bike helmet (orange) with a Vis 360, Light & Motion lighting system attached to my helmet. I’m a very firm believer in bike helmets and Hi-Viz reflective vests.

My Cycling experience is; 1994 – Calgary Police service mountain bike cycling course, 1998 – RCMP Police Mountain Bike Cycling course, 2003 – CAN-BIKE Cycling Instructor, 2005 – CAN-BIKE National Examiner, 2009 – Qualified Cycling Instructor Metro Vancouver Transit Police, 2010 – Qualified RCMP Cycling Instructor, 2013 – Member CAN-BIKE National Curriculum committee, 2014 – National Coaching Certification Program Learning Facilitator – Let’s Ride, Community Cycling Basics, Ready to Race- Intro to Competition, 2014- League of American Cyclists Traffic Skills 101 (TS101) course, Seattle Washington USA, 2014 – League of American Cyclists, cycling Instructor course, Instructor #4229, Seattle Washington USA, 2018 – qualified rider Cycling Savvy. I’m an accepted Cycling Expert at the Supreme Court of British Columbia and at the Queen’s Bench Court of Alberta. I’m a member of CAN-BIKE CANADA. I formerly held a UCI Instructor Coach license in BC. Member IPMBA – International Police Mountain Bike Association, Member LEBA – Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, Member and Board Member British Columbia Cycling Coalition, Member HUB – Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, Member Cascade Cycling Club – Seattle Washington USA.

Senior Cyclist & President Tri M Sports & Consulting Ltd, CAN-BIKE British Columbia

Bottom line … I love cycling, teaching cycling, and passing along the safe cycling knowledge I have. I want to see others cycling safely.

Safe Ride Home.

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