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Excellence at All Points Cycling

Welcome to All Points Cycling—where we’re dedicated to teaching vital cycling skills to help safeguard lives.

Led by Chuck Glover, we offer comprehensive cycling training tailored for groups from various organizations. Our programs are designed to enhance cycling proficiency, ensuring each participant becomes a more skilled and confident rider. We provide all the necessary equipment for the training—participants simply need to bring a bicycle and, crucially, a helmet without which they cannot partake in the course.

Our training sessions blend classroom learning with practical, instructor-led cycling on the road, offering a full-day immersive experience.

Who do we train?

Who benefits from our training? We specialize in training a diverse group of professionals, including RCMP and Municipal Police Volunteers, mall security and Provincial Parks officers, maintenance and park personnel, security officers, paramedics, city bylaw officers, and Community Service Officers. Each session is tailored to meet the unique needs of these roles, equipping them with the skills necessary for safe and effective cycling on the job.

cycling in the snow
cycling in the rain
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