Back in the Saddle Again – Really 2- 2018

Allot has happened since the last time I posted. Please
note the new Company Logo (on the left) attached above !!

The biggest news is – I have fully retired from Policing. 
30 September 2018 was the final day of my Policing careers, 40 years, 2 months, three weeks.  Two Police organizations, Ten stops in two Provinces.  All uniform duties and four of those stops I was able to ride Police Mountain Bike as a part of a duty function.

Well, I have said that I am going to get back at writing entries for the Blog.  Yes, I said that earlier and didn’t follow through, well this time will be different. I haven’t posted anything but I have continued to write. 

We are going to get this back on its wheels, now that I have some more time to work with.  I guess this is what they mean about when you retire you are busier than you ever were when you worked a regular job.

I can tell you that I have found the BC Ferries trip from Tsawwassen (Vancouver side) to Swartz Bay (Victoria side) is a great place to sit, tap on an iPad mini and watch the incredible scenery of Active Pass go by.

I have also taken on position with the Board of the British Columbia Cycling Coalition, based in Vancouver BC, but looking at cycling issues for the Province as a whole. I have taken on the membership committee.  Yea I know try for world peace it would be easier….  You don’t know if you don’t
try, membership I mean.

Web Master Ken has rebuilt the web site, again, and we are adding the  CAN-BIKE and League of American Bicycling course materials to the site, as a Moodle based thing. We’re also going to be adding an Instructor specific section for those CAN-BIKE Instructors.  This will include a ‘cycling forum’ where questions can be posted and I can take a shot at answering. 

We have also started a CAN-BIKE BC Facebook page. So contacting canbe done through there also.

The CAN-BIKE side has been busy this year. Lots of courses taught, along with an Instructor course in Calgary.  Further, the Consulting side has started to become active again.  A file from Alberta for the Queen’s Bench Court of Alberta. So that’s exciting to get back at . That the two top Courts in BC and Alberta where I am am accepted expert in cycling evidence.

I also have an idea of a section for very different road signs.                             I was also thinking a section for people to send in bike related beer labels. This is where the Facebook page can come in handy.

I have an actual blog entry ready to go, which will be added before the end of the week, once Web Master Ken helps me get it right.

Thanks for coming back, and I hope you stay, read, think,
take and/or use some of the points that are being offered.


(01)  If you want to discuss cycling and cycling Instructor points, in a reasoned & reasonable, adult, polite discussion, then I am willing to engage with you. 

(02)  Yell at me, threaten me, swear at me or call me names and that will end it right there!! I got enough of that in 40 plus years of Policing, I won’t tolerate it here !!                                                                                                       — And by the way, if that happens your thoughts/comments/etc
will be deleted very quickly and you will be forgotten.

(03)  Life is too short not to add some humour in, so, it won’t always be serious. I’ll try to keep lighter points around, along with some pictures that are quite humorous – stay tuned.


Thanks for Stopping By

     Safe Ride Home



Oct 2018



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