I come back with hat, er- bike helmet, in hand and asking for forgiveness.
I said that when we opened the new, now not so new website that I would get back to adding a blog entry each month.  That was June for a meeting in Ottawa.  Since then I have continued writing, but haven’t added squat to the blog or the web site.

Web Guru Ken had questioned me on this !!

Yes, I know everyone blames “life” for getting in the way, and I have also used that same excuse, to no avail.  I sit here and can think back to days that I just sat.  Again, yes I know Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.
Well, that will change, honest this time, with this month.  January 2018.
2018 is a big year for me and I look forward to what the year beings.

More on that as the year gets going and we delve into it.
Again thanks to all the reader, maybe even readers that have followed the blog over the past few years.

On the up side there has been fourty (40) entries at about a thousand words per entry. So that isn’t all that bad, just none of those words are very recent.

Thanks for stopping by
Safe Ride Home,

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